Grand Opening Ceremony in Switzerland

Romande Energie officially and solemnly opened the CHP plant in Puidoux (CH) on 10th September. ReGaWatt supplied a turnkey energy system with a rated thermal output of 4.5 MW and a total electrical output of 890 kW, generated by an ORC turbine (120 kW) and a combined heat and power plant (770 kW). The heat […]

Network pumps module completed

Romande Energie wanted a network pumps module for their heat distribution. No problem for the ReGaWatt team: It has completed and delivered the module last week to beautiful Switzerland where it is already placed. The wiring and piping has also started, to be prepared for the winter.

Construction phase 2 is going on (switzerland)

After successful commissioning and a very stable operation (since December 2017) of the plant with the ORC turbine, the erection of the construction phase is proceeding in parallel. Here, our heating plant with the gas cleaning and the BHWK will be extended modularly so that additional electricity and heat will be generated. Here are a […]

Plant in Netherlands in stable operation

Dutch large-scale supplier for flowers and garden plants relies on thermal power station of the company ReGaWatt In the small village Ens on the north-east polder/Holland, a vast number of beautiful flowers is blooming that go on a journey and find a new place in the domestic gardens overall in Europe. The company A. Baas […]