Grand Opening Ceremony in Switzerland

Romande Energie officially and solemnly opened the CHP plant in Puidoux (CH) on 10th September. ReGaWatt supplied a turnkey energy system with a rated thermal output of 4.5 MW and a total electrical output of 890 kW, generated by an ORC turbine (120 kW) and a combined heat and power plant (770 kW).

The heat generated is used through a district heating network in community buildings, industrial enterprises and residential buildings. The wood comes from regional forests. The plant will save 1 million liters of fuel oil and around 2,650 tonnes of C0².

Numerous local and cantonal politicians appeared at the well-organized celebration. Among them are the Mayor of Puidoux, Mr. René Gilliéron and the Vaud State Councilor Jaqueline de Quattro. Particularly impressive was the speech of Mrs. Quattro.

Here is an excerpt from it:

“The need to reduce our CO² emissions, as well as the implementation of the energy transition, poses a major challenge in terms of generation and supply.The realization of this power station with district heating feed shows that workable solutions are feasible if a common vision exists. The plant is being supplied with local wood chips, and for the first time wood gasification technology is being used on a plant of this size, which has solved two major problems …

… the wood does not need to be dried before gasification, which makes fuel procurement very easy.
… the wood gasification has a very low particulate emissions compared to a wood incineration.

This innovative technology will also bring new efficiency figures.

Romande Energie plans to produce 5.5 GWh of electricity annually, covering the needs of 1,500 households. The heat generated in cogeneration is used via two district heating networks in a sports facility, properties of the municipality and for apartments and commercial facilities.

I would like to emphasize the speedy completion and implementation of the project. After the launch in 2015, we will inaugurate this wonderful heating plant in 2018. If all projects are implemented so quickly, my wishes as a councilor would be fulfilled. “

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