Plant in Netherlands in stable operation

Dutch large-scale supplier for flowers and garden plants relies on thermal power station of the company ReGaWatt

In the small village Ens on the north-east polder/Holland, a vast number of beautiful flowers is blooming that go on a journey and find a new place in the domestic gardens overall in Europe. The company A. Baas Kwekerij delivers flowers to the wholesale and retail trade overall in Europe. Now, they rely on a sophisticated technology from ReGaWatt, the Kombi Power System®.

ReGaWatt supplies a turnkey energy system with a combustion output of 4.5 MW and a total electrical output of 500 kW, generated by an ORC turbine. At the same time heat is decoupled in a 4-stage process; in the sum up to 3.86 MW, while the flue gas is cooled down to 50°C by using condensing technology. Thus, the heat contained in the fuel is almost fully utilized and achieves an overall efficiency of nearly 100%.

With this heat provided, the extensive greenhouses are heated: in autumn, primarily for the production of poinsettia and in the new year, for spring flowers. The cogenerated electricity is also used for self-supply of the company Baas and only surplus electricity is fed into the public grid.

The Kombi Power System® from ReGaWatt GmbH is a modular biomass cogeneration plant, flexibly adapted to the needs, with a updraft fixed-bed gasifier at the heart. Our plant technology, says Klaus Röhrmoser – Managing Director of ReGaWatt GmbH – has the great advantage that it does not rely on pretreated and expensive wood chips. Likewise, no downstream filter technology is necessary due to the very good emission values of the system. In particular, the fine dust values are very good.

ReGaWatt GmbH has been the expert for modular CHP systems made of wood for more than 10 years. With the Kombi Power System®, the company has succeeded in responding individually and customer-specifically to the needs of its customers.

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